4/26/2022- FIxing images, adding commission info.

4/24/2022- Mortem's back home! Enjoy a new Spider of interest and the new Spider log.

4/9/2022- After not updating for a few months due to being on a long trip, I bestow some fixed links and more artwork... enjoy!

1/30/2022- Reworked pet page, added spider of interest, more spiders. On another note thank you for all the very nice messages within my questbook! I try to check it every once n' a while and reply to some messages.

1/10/2022- Footer de-blinkeeified, formal update box implemented, more spiders.

Added a collection tab as of 1/7/2022, not only will this host like blinkies n' shit but my actual real life collections (once I get some good photos of my stuff).
Will probably free up the footer now that theres somewhere else to see the graphics.