Spider of interest (or SOI, if you're into that sort of thing) is a periodically updated page featuring spiders I find intriguing.


Welcome back to SOI, if you were around when I first started making these little spotlights you'll probably recognize the genus Steatoda. Mortem's personal favorite spider only rivaled by the famous Black Widow. I have several of these little beauties (specifically S. grossa) under my care and they have been nothing but fun.

The common names associated with these guys usually relate to their aformentioned cousin Latrodectus. With the same build and the occassional dark coloration it's no suprise these guys are known as "False widows."

To be honest there's nothing too special about Steatoda, they are pretty common worldwide (and under my furniture), don't have any striking coloration, and their bites aren't all that significant... However, I just think they are so charming and that's more than enough for them to be special.

Have a look into the dark corners of your home and find something extraordinary within the ordinary.


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